Antarctic Greenhouse grows first veggies without daylight

Good news from Antarctic, Scientists have announced that first crop of vegetables have been harvested in greenhouse that doesn’t use any earth, daylight or pesticides. This study is part of research that will help astronauts to cultivate fresh foods on other planets. This greenhouse is located German Neumeyer-Station III.

Veggies Harvested
Veggies Harvested [source Times Colonist]
Researchers have picked 8 pounds of salad green,s 19 cucumbers and 70 radishes that were all grown inside this greenhouse. The outside temperature was -20C, they are hoping to harvest 4-5 kg of fruits and vegetables weekly from this fancy greenhouse. Daniel Shubert, German Aerospace Center DLR, says that the Antarctic project has goal of proving that a wide range of vegetables could be grown on Mars or the  Moon one day. This greenhouse uses hydroponics and optimised lighting and CO2 levels.

EDEN ISS [source DLR ]
They named the greenhouse EDEN-ISS greenhouse.

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